How to Retire in 2021 

Hi, everyone. William Donner here at Donner’s Financial Services. I would like to answer a question that people have had all year. That is, “How do I retire in 2021?” Based on COVID-19, market volatility, and the economy that we’re in right now, “how do I retire in 2021?

Preparing for Retirement 

Here are a few things we think are very important to you when thinking about a 2021 retirement:

  • Check your fixed income. Fixed income can be a pension plan, social security, IRAs, CDs, and other savings that you may have.
  • Check your investments, such as stocks, your bonds mutual funds.
  • Your Risk tolerance: Ask yourself, “Have I taken enough risks or not enough risk to achieve my target?”
  • Your Goals. Identify clear goals and maintain them. Are you doing the things necessary to meet your goals?

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Let us help you retire in 2021.

-William Donner

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