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Retirement Planning in Port St. Lucie, FL

If you’re in the final stages of planning for retirement, it is essential to be certain you’ll have enough money to meet all of your future needs. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Luckily, with Donner’s Financial Services, Inc., our knowledge as a financial planner is your strength. For more info about retirement planning in Port St. Lucie, FL, don’t hesitate to contact us!

There’s a rule of thumb that says you should have enough retirement savings to maintain 80 percent of your pre-retirement income. However, not everyone’s needs are the same. A homebody who likes gardening and spending time with their grandkids may be able to retire with much less than a person who wants to spend their golden years traveling the world.

As a result, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to plan your retirement. You need a personalized wealth management plan that’s built for your individual lifestyle. To do that, you’ll need to sit down with an Investment Advisor Representative.

Donner’s Financial Services offers a variety of portfolio management and insurance solutions to help you live out the retirement of your dreams.


Portfolio Management

Portfolio management encompasses managing the assets you’ve set aside for your retirement. While many people think this is something you do before you retire, the reality is that it’s a lifelong process.

At Donner’s Financial Services, Inc., we make sure the money you’ve worked hard to earn stays safe and that it continues to grow to help you accomplish your goals for retirement. Our services include:

Insurance Solutions

In addition to having an expertly managed portfolio, a comprehensive retirement plan will also protect you and your assets against unforeseen. Donner’s Financial Services, Inc., helps make sure your retirement income is secure from a recession, market fluctuation, health complications, and other forces outside of your control.

For example, many Americans end up needing long-term care, which can be prohibitively expensive, even for those with significant savings. That’s why it’s important to carry a long-term care insurance policy.

Similarly, it’s important to have a life insurance policy, even if your children are all financially independent. At the minimum, such a policy should be enough to cover the rising costs of funeral expenses.

Unfortunately, with so many options, obtaining the right insurance can be a confusing process. Donner’s Financial Services works with you to understand your exact needs and goals to help us formulate a personalized coverage solution. We provide assistance with:

Retirement Income

Managing retirement income starts with knowing what your sources of income will be – from social security income (SSI), pensions to employer-sponsored retirement savings account like a 401(k) – and the rules that accompany each income source.

We can help you understand your sources of retirement income, when you have access to them, how they’ll be taxed and dispersed, and how to maximize them so they keep growing. Sources of retirement income often include:

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There are many national firms that offer services similar to ours. So why would you choose a smaller, local company for your retirement planning needs?

We helped workers adjust their retirement plans when the auto industry, the backbone of our local economy, took a turn in 2008. We also advised many clients through the Great Recession, re-strategizing to help preserve the money they worked so hard for.

We bring a deep knowledge of our local economy to the table, so you’ll have peace of mind working with someone who understands your needs as no big national firm can.

If you’re interested in retirement planning with an experienced Registered Investment Advisor, contact Donner’s Financial Services. We offer retirement planning services to Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Jenson Beach, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding communities.

Call us directly at 772.353.5414 or click the button below to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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