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What is an Equity-Indexed Annuity?

What is an equity-indexed annuity? Anyone nearing retirement should be asking themselves this question. Also known as fixed indexed annuities, EIA’s offer protection over your investment without sacrificing growth potential. With no risk, an equity-indexed annuity from Donner’s Financial Services is retirement income you can count on.

How Does an Equity-Indexed Annuity Work?

An EIA is an investment that is not directly invested in the stock market. So, how does an equity-indexed annuity work? Instead of individual stocks, interest is credited based on changes to the market index, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500. When index value increases, interest is credited. If the market takes a turn, your interest rate is guaranteed never to be less than zero. 

In exchange for the guarantee of no risk, Fixed Indexed Annuity policyholders must be willing to give up some of the potential for gains, as compared to a direct investment in the stock market. This is a fair trade for those in or approaching retirement who don’t have time to recover from a major blow to their investment portfolio.


Equity-Indexed Annuities – Common Misconceptions

  • All annuities have a bunch of fees. This is a myth. Generally speaking, variable annuities have the highest fees. Fixed annuities and immediate annuities usually have no fees. Additionally, some annuities offer optional riders that include fees.
  • The insurance company takes all my money when I die. Not true. This only applies to an immediate annuity with a “life only” structure. This does not apply to fixed, indexed, or variable annuities. When you purchase a fixed, indexed or variable annuity, you designate a beneficiary to whom the money will be paid to.
  • You can earn 7-8% guaranteed returns for life with an annuity. This is not so. There is a difference between earning an 8% internal rate of return and a 7-8% annuity payout. Find out how much of the promised benefit is your own money being returned back to you and ignore any agent or company which uses misleading numbers to influence your decision.
  • My local bank or investment firm offers good annuities. Check again. Did you know that banks and many investment firms have an approved list of annuity products they can offer customers? This means the friendly person at your local bank or investment firm is limited to what they can offer. Shop around with an independent agent to find the best products available.

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Equity-Indexed Annuities From Donner’s Financial Services, Inc.

While investing in the stock market seems like the best option, market downturns are a real concern for individuals in or nearing retirement. Equity-indexed annuities from Donner’s Financial Services, Inc. are designed to offer a safety net – a guaranteed minimum return on your investment. 

Discover how Equity-Indexed Annuities can be a beneficial part of your investment portfolio by contacting Donner’s Financial Services. As a financial planner in Port St. Lucie, our goal is to help you afford the retirement you’ve worked so hard for. Call us directly at 772.353.5414 or schedule a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!


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