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Should I Take a Pension Lump Sum Buyout?

A pension lump-sum buyout can be a great deal for many retirees. But there are some good reasons why you should thoroughly weigh your options before deciding on a lump sum buyout.

A pension lump sum buyout is typically offered to aging employees who are thinking of retiring early. The company will provide the full cost of the pension upon the employee’s retirement as a one-time payment.

If you are considering a pension buyout but are uncertain of its pros and cons, you may want to take a look at the factors below to help you make an informed decision. You can also reach out to us for a financial consultation.

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What to Consider When Offered a Lump Sum Buyout


Current Financial Status

Should you take a lump sum pension offer? One of the most vital things to consider is your financial status. How much savings do you have in the bank? Do you have other sources of income? Other financial factors to take into account include any recurring debt that will deduct from your lump sum in the absence of substantial savings. 

Part of retirement planning is making sure that your savings, pension plans, and other sources of income will provide you with all the finances you need for future expenses, even without employment. 

Health and Preexisting Conditions

A pension lump sum buyout may also be a good choice for retirees who are more advanced in age, are experiencing health issues, or have preexisting conditions that could shorten their life expectancy.

It may be a grim consideration, but it is also helpful to be realistic in this situation. The pension lump sum may end up being of higher value when the retiree in question has health conditions that will persist in the years to come.

Living Expenses

Aside from your savings and other sources of income, you should consider your current living expenses, as these will consume most of your pension lump sum. If your company offers a large pension lump sum buyout and your living expenses are low, then you and your employer may come to an understanding.

Of course, keep in mind yearly inflation rates and unexpected economic downturns when thinking about living expenses. These things may drastically change, so expect the unexpected.

Future Income

Some employees may be wondering to themselves, “Can I retire early?” It is possible to go for early retirement if you have other sources of income or assets that provide you with passive income. 

For example, retirees are more confident if they have financial investments lined up that will add to their pension lump sum. Some employees may also be considering retirement if they have income from:

  • Property rentals
  • Ongoing businesses
  • Investment portfolios 
  • Freelance work

Typically, these income sources should surpass or be equal to their salary and current living expenses. If you are a little far off from the typical retirement age, think of other future income sources that will help you stay financially stable as you take the pension lump sum.

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Vacations and Life Still Happen | Make a Plan

Retirement is often seen as a “vacation period” for employees breaking free from the workforce. However, one should not be making hasty decisions when planning for retirement—life can still happen when you least expect it. Disease, accidents, unexpected financial problems, loss—these are just some of the eventualities against which you will want to be financially protected.

Creating a retirement plan should be at the forefront of your mind when thinking of taking a pension lump sum buyout. Having a solid retirement plan is beneficial because:

  • It can give you important insights on decisions before retirement: Some career and income-related decisions prior to retirement are crucial to keeping you financially afloat. By setting up a retirement plan, you will gain information on what short-term goals you need to accomplish.
  • It can give you tax benefits: Some retirement accounts are tax-free. These can significantly increase your assets when leaving the workforce. Simply putting all your income into the bank may not be as wise, and an expert financial planner can help you maximize your tax deductions for retirement.
  • It can provide you with a sense of peace and security: Did you know that half of America’s employees are still struggling to save for their future past their tenure? Having a retirement plan in place will give you peace of mind that you won’t outlive your pension lump sum, savings, and other investments.

At Donner’s Financial Services, Inc., we make sure that your retirement plans allow you not just to be financially ready but also able to enjoy life. Retirement is a season to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Our retirement plans include provisions for recreational experiences, vacations, and other things that you want to enjoy while living within your means.

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Retirement planning for Port St. Lucie, FL, and other nearby areas has never been easier with Donner’s Financial Services, Inc. Whether you’re considering a pension lump sum buyout, creating an investment portfolio, or simply want to manage your finances for the long haul, our retirement planning services can be customized to your needs.

We understand that each employee has their own financial goals and expense considerations. Having a personalized approach to retirement planning is our expertise, and we make sure that you have enough allowances to live an enjoyable life without financial worries. 

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