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Retirement Planner Near Detroit, MI

William D. Donner and the team at Donner’s Financial Services, LLC, have provided exceptional retirement planning services to residents of the Detroit, MI area for over ten years. In that time, they have helped build robust retirement funds for countless clients, many of whom are now happily enjoying the fruits of their investments and watching their portfolios continue to grow.  

With personalized service and attention to detail, Donner’s Financial Services’ proactive approach to retirement planning can help you build for the retirement of your dreams and ensure the financial well-being of your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Things To Consider When Planning For Retirement

At Donner’s Financial Services, retirement planners oversee clients’ financial interests in three main areas:

Portfolio Management

Here, the retirement plan includes the distribution of the assets accumulated during the client’s lifetime among a number of types of investment to produce the best possible returns. Donner’s Financial Services advises clients who hold financial assets in IRAs, self-directed brokerage accounts, equity-indexed annuities, and mutual funds

An experienced financial planner near Detroit, MI can ensure the money you have worked hard for is put to work to create sufficient wealth for a comfortable retirement. Even after retirement, a well-managed portfolio can continue to add wealth.

Insurance Solutions

While portfolio management helps secure your money and encourages its growth, Donner’s Financial Services’ insurance team makes sure you don’t have to use all that hard-earned cash on unexpected expenses. 

Insurance solutions can also ensure your family is provided for in the event of your death. Donner’s Financial Services can advise you on long-term care insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, and life insurance. Let our team help secure your future.

Retirement Income

Retirement income can come from several sources, including social security, IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, and other retirement savings. The retirement planners near Detroit, MI at Donner’s Financial Services can help you understand these sources and make sure you are getting what you deserve from them without paying unnecessary taxes and penalties. A good retirement plan often incorporates funds from these sources so they continue to gain interest and grow, even as they are drawn against.

IRA Rollovers 

If you have a retirement account and are changing employers, you have a few options. You can keep your retirement funds in your current 401(k), roll it over into your new employer’s 401(k), or roll it over into a new IRA

Rolling over funds means that when retirement time arrives, you won’t have to rely on your old employer to access them. Setting up an IRA that is independent of the new employer gives you even greater control of this money. 

If you decide on an independent IRA, you can choose a traditional IRA, which invests pre-tax income. Tax is eventually paid when the money is withdrawn.  A ROTH IRA, in which money is invested after it has been taxed, is another option. This approach leaves less to invest, but you won’t have to pay any tax on withdrawals. 

The retirement planners at Donner’s Financial Services, Inc. can help you decide which option best allows you to achieve your retirement goals.

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Donner’s Financial Services | Your Local Retirement Planner Near Detroit, MI 

Donner’s Financial Services, Inc., is a Registered Investment Advisor located in Livonia, MI, that has served Detroit, MI, and the surrounding areas for more than ten years. Their specialists advise clients on portfolio management, insurance options, and retirement plans.

As a local business, they offer personal relationships you are unlikely to find at larger financial service companies. They get to know you personally so they can understand how best to advise your needs. 

Contact Donner’s Financial Services today at 734.743.5333 to learn more about retirement planning and how to secure your financial future.

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